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Plating Lines
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Plating Lines:  For additional information click on the inventory number.
Image Inventory # Description Type Manufacturer Stations Current Process Price
PL2040 Used Plating Line - 11 Station Automatic Dip Line Auto Dip   11   $12,500.00
PL1020 Used Plating Line - M & T 58 Station Automatic Rack Plating Line Automatic Rack M & T 58 zinc $42,500.00
PL1014 Used Plating Line - Udylite Sr 183 Station Auto Rack Plating Line Automatic Rack Udylite Senior 183 Cu-Ni-Cr $98,500.00
PL1109 Used Plating Line - Udylite CM 40 Station Rack Plating Line Automatic Rack Udylite Cycle Master 40 Chrome $32,000.00
PL1033 Used Plating Line - Napco 84 Station Auto Rack Plating Line Automatic Rack Napco 84 copper, nickel, chro $75,000.00
PL1012 Used Plating Line - Napco 18 Station Auto Rack Plating Line Automatic Rack Napco Plating Line 18 Chrome plate $30,000.00
PL2004 Used Plating Line - Udylite Cyclemaster II Phos 54 Station Rack Plating Line Automatic Rack Udylite Cyclemaster 54 Phosphate $68,085.00
PL1106 Used Plating Line - Udylite Cyclemaster 39 Sta Return Plating Line Automatic Return Udylite Cyclemaster 39   $39,400.00
PL2058 Used Plating Line - Hardwood Line Mfg. Co. 7 Station Dip Plating Line Dip Hardwood Line Mnufacturing Co. 7 Plating $2,200.00
PL2057 Used Plating Line - Spring Tool Co. Model SP210AF Dip Spin Dip Spin Spring Tool Companuy 0   $4,675.00
PL2035 Used Plating Line - Spring Tool Dip Spin With Oven Dip Spin w/ Oven Spring Tool SPA-16AD-S60 0 Paint $139,000.00
PL2054 Used Plating Line - 6 Station PVC Lab Plating Line Lab   6 Cleaning $4,950.00
PL2052 Used Plating Line - 5 Station Lab/Testing/Plating Line Lab   5 Lab/Test/Plate $7,950.00
PL2050 Used Plating Line - 9 Station Poly Plating Line Manual   9 Dip $4,500.00
PL2034 Used Plating Line - 8 Station Manual Plating Line Manual   8   $11,500.00
PL2055 Used Plating Line - Plasfab 13 Station Mini Barrel Plating Line Mini Barrel Plasfab 13   $12,250.00
PL1114 Used Plating Line - Stevens Model E Plating Barrels - LOT of 57 Oblique Barrels Stevens Model E 0 Zinc $7,950.00
PL2051 Used Plating Line - Beckox 4 Station Plating Line Poly Beckox 4 Lab Testing $9,375.00
PL2053 Used Plating Line - 10 Station Poly Plating Line Poly   10 Gold Strike $7,625.00
PL2036 Used Plating Line - Napco 25 Station Tin/Nickel Rack Line Rack Line Napco 25 Tin/Nickel $69,500.00
PL2038 Used Plating Line - 4 Station Tank Plating Line Tank   4   $2,500.00
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     1 - 21 of 21      

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