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Vibrators, Tumblers, Polishing
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Vibrators, Tumblers, Polishing:  For additional information click on the inventory number.
Image Inventory # Description Style Manufacturer Model # Price
V2073 Used Vibratory / Polishing - Rosemont Industries Vibratory Deburring Bowl Bowl Rosemont Industries RF-14 $9,975.00
V2053 Used Vibratory / Polishing - Yromatic Model MA0613MA Vibratory Bowl Bowl Yromatic MA0613MA $7,500.00
V2069 Used Vibratory / Polishing - Chas. F.L'Hommedieu & Sons Buffing Jack Buffing Chas. F.L'Hommedieu & Sons   $750.00
V2068 Used Vibratory / Polishing - Chas. F. L'Hommedieu & Sons Buffing Jack/Lath Buffing Chas. F. L'Hommedieu & Sons   $750.00
V2067 Used Vibratory / Polishing - Reliable Equip. Corp. Model II Buffing Jack/Lathe Buffing Jack Reliable Equipment Corporation II $850.00
V2030 Used Vibratory / Polishing - Hammond Style Buffing Jack Buffing Jack Hammond Style   $2,525.00
V2065 Used Vibratory / Polishing - Menzerna-Werk Model SPT 240 RZ Dual Polishing Tumbler Dual Menzerna-Werk SPT 240 RZ $9,500.00
V2064 Used Vibratory / Polishing - Menzerna-Werk Model UPS 1000 Dual Polishing Tumbler Dual Menzerna-Werk UPS 1000 $7,975.00
V2061 Used Vibratory / Polishing - Dual Head Buffing Lathe Dual Head     $675.00
V2070 Used Vibratory / Polishing - Roto Finish Vibe Bowl Dump, w/ Separator Roto Finish   $7,950.00
V2077 Used Vibratory / Polishing - Cleveland Vibrator Co. Model LSC-E-1296-1.5 Gravity Flow Screener Gravity Flow Cleveland Vibrator Company LSC-E-1296-1.5 $2,200.00
V1060 Used Vibratory / Polishing - Automated Finishing Inc. MediaHandler Media Handler Automated Finishing Inc Maty Hand $5,950.00
V2052 Used Vibratory / Polishing - Rosemont Industries RD.10-6 Vibratory Cob Dryer Parts Dryer Rosemont Industries RD.10-6 $7,850.00
V2041 Used Vibratory / Polishing - United States Electric Tools Dual Head Buffing Jack Single Motor United States Electric Tools   $3,250.00
V2047 Used Vibratory / Polishing - Hammond Dual Head Buffing Jack Single Motor/Dual Head Hammond   $2,850.00
V2046 Used Vibratory / Polishing - Hammond Dual Head Buffing Jack Single Motor/Dual Head Hammond   $1,750.00
V2076 Used Vibratory / Polishing - Roto-Finish ST-12MFB Vibratory Bowl Vibe Bowl Roto-Finish ST-12MFB $13,900.00
V2074 Used Vibratory / Polishing - Rosemont Model RB16-25 Vibratory Bowl Vibe Bowl Rosemont RB16-25 $19,500.00
V2063 Used Vibratory / Polishing - Mr. Debur Model 300 Deburrer/Vibe Trough Vibe Trough Mr. Debur 300 $1,350.00
V2062 Used Vibratory / Polishing - Sweco Model FMD-14LR Vibratory Bowl Vibratory Sweco FMD-14LR $13,750.00
V2078 Used Vibratory / Polishing - Syntron Model V-4-AC Magnetic Vibrator   Syntron V-4-AC $75.00
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