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Washers:  For additional information click on the inventory number.
Image Inventory # Description Type Manufacturer Model # Price
WH2046 Used Washer - Renegade Automatic Parts Washer Automatic Renegade TMB7000 $3,750.00
WH2056 Used Washer - Infratol Manufacturing Corp. Belt Parts Washer Belt Infratol Manufacturing Corp. WD-10114 $14,900.00
WH2030 Used Washer - Hurricane Model 5030B Belt Washer & Deburrer Belt Hurricane 5030B $7,850.00
WH2052 Used Washer - Stoelting 4 Stage Stainless Steel Gas Belt Washer Belt Stoelting   $27,900.00
WH2026 Used Washer - Epcon Stainless Steel Belt Washer Belt Washer Epcon 1993 $49,000.00
WH2037 Used Washer - Painter Design & Engineering Conveyor Parts Washer Conveyor Painter Design & Engineering   $7,950.00
WH2058 Used Washer - Triton/Trek Conveyorized Parts Washer Conveyorized Triton/Trek Triton 1 SMT $12,975.00
WH2023 Used Washer - Onmitech Immersion Parts Washer Immersion Washer Onmitech 100433 $4,750.00
WH2055 Used Washer - Crest Optimum Console Parts Dryer Optimum Console Crest OCD-2436-HE $3,500.00
WH2045 Used Washer - Baron Blakeslee Parts Washer/Degreaser Precision Vapor Degreaser Baron Blakeslee MVR-574 $14,375.00
WH2051 Used Washer - Cuda Model H20-251 Turntable Cabinet Washer Turntable Cuda H20-251 $3,800.00
WH2050 Used Washer - Cuda Model H20-251 Turntable Cabinet Washer Turntable Cuda H20-251 $3,800.00
WH2049 Used Washer - Cuda Model H20-251Turntable Cabinet Washer Turntable Cuda H20-251 $3,800.00
WH2000 Used Washer - Better Manufacturing 200HD Turntable Washer Turntable Better Manufacturing 200HD $4,975.00
WH2040 Used Washer - Blacksone AT-2-3636 Ultrasonic Parts Washer Ultrasonic Blackstone AT-2-3636 $32,700.00
WH2044 Used Washer - Vale Ultrasonic Stainless Steel Parts Washer Ultrasonic Vale/Esma Chemicals E992-L $9,350.00
WH2054 Used Washer - Crest Ultrasonic Washer Ultrasonic Crest OJ51218 $16,375.00
WH2053 Used Washer - Crest Ultrasonic Immersion Washer Ultrasonic Crest OCS-1826 $26,500.00
WH2043 Used Washer - Miraclean Ultrasonic Parts Washer Ultrasonic Miraclean   $9,500.00
WH2028 Used Washer - Delta Sonics Ultrasonic Console Washer Ultrasonic Delta Sonics UTCM-69M3 $9,375.00
WH2059 Used Washer - Crest Model GD-1622-R Vapor Degreaser Vapor Degreaser Crest GD-1622-R $15,000.00
WH2025 Used Washer - Guyson Orbit 800 Custom Orbiting Parts Washer   Guyson Orbit 800 Custom $24,500.00
WH2031 Used Washer - Finishing Equipment Inc. RTDFC-3-SP Washer/Degreaser   Finishing Equipment Inc. RTDFC-3-SP $11,750.00
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     1 - 23 of 23      

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