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  • Inventory: PL2073
    Manufacturer: Napco
    Stations: 13
    Current Process: Phosphate

    Call for shipping information. All superstructure and supports included. Nine single station tanks, one 3 station SS tank, one overhead hoist, nine 16" x 38" polypro barrel, one unload cart, one hydraulic load hopper, barrel driver motors, two control panels, five steel tanks, two stainless steel tanks, two stainless steel line tanks, two tanks w/ spargers. 460 volt, 3 phase, 15 FLA.

    Available Quantity: 1
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  • Inventory: PL2118
    Manufacturer: Spring Tool
    Stations: 1
    Current Process: Coating/Painting

    Model SP4-S24ADD. With Lanly Gas-Fired Conveyor Oven. Infeed Load Hopper and Incline Conveyor. Transfer Vibe Table. Exit Incline Conveyor. Comes with One 24" Basket and One Paint Tank. Touch Screen Controller.

    Available Quantity: 1
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  • Inventory: PL2082
    Manufacturer: Jessup
    Stations: 10
    Current Process: Phosphate

    Jessup Engineering Inc. automatic hoist line with unitized construction for easy installation. Includes 1 hoist, 8 racks, 2 steam heated rinse tanks and a heated phos tank. Complete ventilation hoods including blower. 6 all stainless steel process tanks, 1 dryer and 2 load/unload stations w/ shuttle. Has remote pendent to control hoist. Line is 27’L x 10’W x 118"H. Frame is 139"L x 139"W x 69"H. Funnel Tank is 69"L x 29"W x 138"H. Shuttle is 151"L x 104"W x 79"H.

    Available Quantity: 1
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  • Inventory: PL1012
    Manufacturer: Napco Plating Line
    Stations: 18
    Current Process: Chrome plate

    30 racks/hr 75 pounds/rack Single lane, hydr.transfer & liftPrice includes tanks, superstructure, hydraulic unit, lift arms, control panel, and existing anode & cathode copper on machine. 5 single station tanks 23 x 30 x 66Deep2 two-station tanks: 35 x 30 x 66 Deep / 20 x 30 x 66 Deep 16 x 30 x 66 Deep / 20 x 30 x 66 DeepPlating tank: 110 x 47 x 66 Deep

    Available Quantity: 1
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  • Inventory: PL2109C
    Stations: 11
    Current Process: Phosphate Cleaning Pickling

    Estimated Weight is 25,000 lbs. 11 – Stations plus Load/Unload Stations. Off-Line Carriage Transfer. Programmable hoist with moving vent system. 3,300 pound lift capacity. Tanks are electrically heated, etch tanks made of PVDF liner in FRP tank. Automated tank covers for exhausted tanks. Presently conveys baskets for steel, titanium and nickel alloy etching. Eductors for extensive turnover on etch tanks. FULLY AUTOMATED Control by PLC with graphics. Fume Scrubber. Power rinsing system. Low pressure blower for air agitation. Already disassembled and moved to Ohio Warehouse. NOTE: Catwalk system NOT included.

    Available Quantity: 1
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  • Inventory: PL1020
    Manufacturer: M & T
    Stations: 58
    Current Process: zinc

    Double lane, mech-lift and forward driveSingle station tanksIncludes new 26 station Koroseal-Lined plating tankPlater orginally set up for nickel plate, cycle was changed to zinc, but machine was never installedPrice includes 8 single station tanks and large plating tank only, mechanism, arms, control panel, and existing anode/cathode copper on machineWeight is approximate

    Available Quantity: 1
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  • Inventory: PL2075
    Manufacturer: Jessup
    Stations: 23
    Current Process: zinc

    12 Barrels, 10 with 1/4" Perf and 2 with 3/8" Perf. 2 Hoists, No Steel Structure. 1 Control Panel. Plating Tank has 6" Copper Busing.

    Available Quantity: 1
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  • Inventory: PL2087
    Stations: 24

    Load/unload station.Fifteen 18" x 36" Poly barrels.Three 64"L x 56"W x 29"H 2-station tanks.One 82"L x 56"W x 31"H 2-station tanks. Two 114"L x 56"W x 30"H 3-station tanks.Eight 27"L x 56"W x 30"H single-station tanks. Three have counterflow.

    Available Quantity: 1
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  • Inventory: PL2103
    Manufacturer: Nordson
    Stations: 0
    Current Process: Powder Coating

    Estimated Weight is 2,800 lbs. Includes: (9) 3 Caster Dolly’s, (12 ) NHR Series Hoppers 80 lbs. with (1) HR-8-80 Magnetic Cover. Used with Excel 2000 Powder Spray Booth.

    Available Quantity: 1
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  • Inventory: PL2100
    Manufacturer: Spring Tool Co.
    Stations: 0
    Current Process: Dip Spin

    Model 24-S6, SN: 11201283, SO# 10886. Hercules hydraulic dump hopper. 48"W x 36"D x 66"H with load bar at 36"H. Tapered parts ramp 50"W x 36"W x 60"L. Titan Industries incline conveyor 12"W x 120"L x 94"H. (6) Baskets 24" x 24", 3/16" mesh. (6) Paint Pots 30"dia. x 42"H. 10" Air power tube exhaust blower. Sysmac S6 programmable controller, 110 volt.

    Available Quantity: 1
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  • Inventory: PL2078
    Manufacturer: Napco
    Stations: 4

    Poly tanks w/ steel support structure. Tank 1 – 3" inlet @ top, 2" outlet @ bottom. Tank 2 – 2" outlet @ bottom. Tank 3 – 3" and 2" inlet @ top, 2" outlet @bottom. Tank 4 – 3" and 2" inlet @ top, 2" outlet @bottom. Weight is estimated.

    Available Quantity: 1
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  • Inventory: PL2069
    Manufacturer: AB Process Systems
    Stations: 9
    Current Process: Chromate Conversion

    Weight is approximate. Designed for dipping 8′ long parts. First stage is jacketed for heated clean. Heat source is a Sterlco model M2B2012-D. Modular design with two bolt-together sections, one 4 station and one 5 station. Includes cat walk with stairs at both ends. All stainless steel tanks and plumbing. Two 3/4" poly diaphragm pumps and two stainless steel diaphragm pumps, 1" and 1.5". One grid style steam coil, 24"W x 96"H.

    Available Quantity: 1
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  • Inventory: PL2119
    Stations: 11
    Current Process: Acid Dip/Rinse

    Poly pro construction. (3) 3 station tanks with counterflow. (1) 2 station tank.

    Available Quantity: 1
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  • Inventory: PL2120
    Stations: 3

    (3) tanks. Inside dim of tanks: 44"FTB x 30"DOT x 29"D. 1.25" Drain at bottom.

    Available Quantity: 1
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  • Inventory: PL2038
    Stations: 4

    2 steel tanks with PVC liners and 2 stainless steel tanks with no liners. 23" between v-blocks. All 4 tanks have a 2" outlet at the bottom, 3 have exhaust hoods.

    Available Quantity: 1
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