Lanco Corporation, often times or currently has in inventory, the following used lab equipment: used chemical feeders, Mighty-Brite, Quin-Tec chemical feeders, Plating Technology chemical feeders, GLI ph analyzers, used ph analyzers, Corning Mega-Pure water purification still, used water purification stills, ISCO water sampler, used ISCO water samplers, used plating lines for electroplating, used SemIfab plating lines, industrial lab equipment, Plating Technology plating line feeder systems, used ORP meters, used GLI ORP meters, obsolete, refurbished, pre-owned used wastewater samplers, water samplers, liquid analyzers, used ph water analyzers, automatic water analyzers, wastewater samplers, used electroplating chemical feeders, industrial used wastewater equipment for sale, low cost, industrial used lab equipment suppliers, spectrometer, and spectrophotometers.

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